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Pink Album (1986) Vinyl - EP

pink album 1.Trible Conflict 2.Spoken Word 3.Oh Fallen Angel 4.Aboriginee Requiem 5.Porcelain Gods 6.Eternal Deep

As Apostles Forget (1992) Maxi

As Apostles Forget 1.Painted Black 2.Facade 3.Am Sonntag 4.Silent Thunder 5.I Wanna Be Your Dog

Crocosmia (1992)

crocosmia 1.Aboriginee Requiem 2.Spoken Word 3.Eternal Deep 4.Tribal Conflicts 5.Porcelain Gods 6.Oh Fallen Angel 7.Painted Black 8.Nicole 9.Der Sach 10.Dear Familiar Phantoms 11.Hunter's Trail 12.Tangia 13.Staccotto 14.Aboriginee Requiem (twilight version)

terra-Regina (1993)

terra regina 1.Prologue 2.Aegis 3.Umbrea 4.The Starveling 5.To The Shadows 6.A Gathering Of Elementals 7.Protecteur 8.It Is The Skin Of Night 9.In The Room That Love Exists 10.Am Sonntag 11.Epilogue 12.Skin Of Night(revisited) 13.Aegis Remains

Eternal Deep (1994)

eternal deep 1.Alle In Asche 2.Tangia 3.Dear Familiar Phantoms 4.Der Sack 5.Drowning Like The Garden 6.Nicole 7.Painted Black 8.Facade 9.I Wanna Be Your Dog 10.Silent Thunder 11.Eternal Deep 12.Porcelain Gods 13.Aboriginee Requiem

Thalia (1995)

thalia 1.Along The March 2.Euphrosyne 3.Thalia 4.The Hunter's Trail 5.Mephisto Waltz 6.No Way Out 7.White Rabbit 8.T-200(Kokoro) 9.A Precession Of The Equinoxes 10.Aglaia At Auroras

Mosaique (1995)

mosaique 1.Umbrea 2.Mephisto Waltz 3.In The Room That Love Exists 4.Am Sonntag 5.I Wanna Be Your Dog 6.White Rabbit 7.Drowning Like The Garden 8.Tangia 9.Dear Familiar Phantoms 10.Facade 11.A Gathering Of The Elementals 12.Kokoro

Immersion (1998)

immersion 1.Immersion 2.The Garden Of Proserpine 3.Great Expectations 4.Age Of Nothing 5.The Tyger 6.Elegy 7.Icarus 8.The Falcon To The Falconer 9.Heaven 10.Kings 11.Ode To The West Wind

Early Recordings (2000)

early recordings 1.Eternal Deep 2.Trible Conflicts 3.Porcelain Gods 4.Oh Fallen Angel 5.Spoken Word 6.painted Black 7.Aboriginee Requiem 8.Der Sack 9.Masse 10.Dissey 11.Forest Dying 12.Great Slave Lake 13.Vendetta 14.Vampyres Of The Day

Insidious (2004)

insidious 1.A Magic Bag 2.Our Flesh 3.Watching From The Darkest Places 4.Before These Crimes 5.One Less Day 6.I Want 7.Witches Gold 8.Memories Kill 9.Nightingale 10.Ombra Mai Fu

Nightingale Vinyl (2004)

Nightingale 1. Nightingale 2. Witches Gold

Nightingale CD (2004)

Nightingale 1. Nightingale 2. Witches Gold

IIIrd Incarnation (2011)

IIIrd incarnation 1.Alexandria 2.Keep Me From Walking 3.Voices 4.The Storm 5.Damaged Art Hippy 6.The End Is Near 7.Going Under Ground 8.Betrayal By Light 9.When Come The Vultures 10.The Beast Within 11.One 12.The Last Stand 13.They Roll 14.Cupid Arrows 15.Rusted Tambourine

New Apostles (2013)

new apostles 1.New Apostles 2.I Died Inside 3.The Folie 4.Blue Aether 5.Goodbye Innocence 6.How My Heart Beats 7.Poupee De Cire, Poupee De Son 8.Wretched Survivors 9.Embers 10.When Day Falls 11.Walking In The Air 12.Isolation 13.Kashmir

Scoundrel (2017)

scoundrel 1. Another Damned Intro 2.Little Alice 3.Vanished Long Ago 4.Scoundrel 5.Fly Away 6.Nocturne 7.Round The Circle 8.Strange Things 9.A Winter Song 10.How Far Will The Ropes Untwine 11.Pull Out The Wires 12.Rabies

Immersion II (2018)

Immersion II 1. Immersion (2018) 2. The Garden Of Proserpine (2018) 3. Great Expectations (2018) 4. Age Of Nothing (2018) 5. The Tyger (2018) 6. Elegy (2018) 7. Icarus (2018) 8. The Falcon To The Falconer (2018) 9. Heaven (2018) 10. Kings (2018) 11. Ode To The West Wind (2018)

Rarities 1989 (2018)

Rarities 1989 1. Lacrima Christi 2. Dear Familiar Phantoms 3. Facade 4. Between Youth 5. In the Room That Love Exists 6. Tales of Innocence 7. Spoken Word

Rarities 1989 Dark Vinyl (2018)

Rarities Dark Vinyl 1. Tales of Innocense 1989 2. Between Youth 1989 3. Facade 1989 4. Lacrima Christi 1989 5. Spoken Word 1989 6. Dear Familiar Phantoms 1989 7. In The Room That Love Exists 1989 8. Romeo's Distress 1989 9. Protecteur 1988 10. Dear Familiar Phantoms 1988 11. Lacrima Cristi No Vox 1989

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